Saturday, November 1, 2008


wowza. it's been a big week on the PBU homefront. on tuesday, october 28th we had a freak snowstorm... for some reason i decided to wear flip flops on this day. great idea. it wasn't even that cold in the morning and then around 11am it started flurrying and then we lost power on campus and the roads were extremely slick... and these boys decided to peg everyone with snowballs as they came back to their apartments.

they even threw snowballs at me as i was watching them through my 3rd floor window. meanies.
then on wednesday the Phillies won the 2008 World Series. i wasn't too excited because i'm a red sox fan and tampa bay beat out the sox to play the phillies in the world series. so then i wanted tampa bay to win because i liked Iwamura... anyways! all of these things are irrelevant. the phillies won the world series and chaos ensued. an estimated $5million in damages were done to the city of philadelphia on wednesday night. evidently the fans get violent when they're excited. on friday there was a celebration parade. i didn't go but i did drive the shuttle for five hours that morning and got to see the line of hundreds of people waiting at the train station at the bottom of the hill for the septa trains into the city.
(*amanda... do you see this cute little commuter... she probably didn't know what to do about getting to work because of all the extra people... but she had a very cute outfit on.*)

that's right people... there were people in the road because the lot was overflowing with people waiting to get on the trains to central philly. needless to say this provided great entertainment for my shuttle shift.
this is the spirit rock on campus. someone painted a rock-o-lantern.
katie and i in front of our apartment on our way to laura's house! it was chilly so i wore my new *Minnetonka* boots to laura's and then changed into my slippers there.
Laura the Ladybug and Chris 'Chuck' Nerd Herd from that show 'Chuck' on NBC... i don't know. i don't watch it.
laura was waiting for the Pumpkin Parade to come by!!! she lives in yardley and they get a fire truck to come through their neighborhood each year with all its lights on and horns and sirens and such. we were very excited!
katie being regal in the dress from donna jean.

tiny dancer.

our family style photo. laura, katie, steph and me.
a little post party pictures. katie caught me on the 'down' of the jump but i thought it was cute. still stylin'. that tutu was crazy. i would walk by something and the little strips would like grab on to something i had just walked by. very funny.

alright... there you have it. lots of action this week. hope you liked it.

some of you will also like to know that i have dropped 9 hours from my work schedule for the remainder of the semester (or until Nov. 25th). don't worry. i still have 23 hours of work per week, but all my projects are due at the same time and i am anticipating a time crunch on the home stretch here so i decided to take preventative measures. tonight i'm working on a paper due nov. 17th, as well as studying for an exam on monday, and working on a cash flow statement due on monday night as well. interesting. all of these things are for the same professor. ha! i also have some accounting homework due on tuesday that i'll probably do tonight as well. geez louise!

i miss all of you. i wish i was home (or in maine) hanging out with you guys.
<3 jess


trresa said...

So many great pictures! And information!!! Thanks Jess! I know you're busy but you're having so much fun too! I'm happy for you. Thanks again this was great!! LOVE YOU

Anita said...

Awwweee, I LOVE all the pictures and the costumes were great!!! My friend Laura looks teeny tiny...what's up with that??? Love you Jess and wish you were here (or in Maine) too.

Amanda said...

cute costume, jess. :)

i don't know if i actually got a picture of mine. maybe just a headshot. i'll have to check.