Thursday, November 27, 2008

maine-ly thankful.

here are a few pictures from today's festivities. i left out a lot of things, but i just wanted to give you a smathering of the events :)

matt and mandi at evan & kim's house.

josh playing with damon (the cat).
matt, josh and i. umm... everyone was playing video games and i kinda passed out. oops.
Bangor Chamber of Commerce!!! what?! i thought i should have my picture taken here in honor of my recent (huge) project for Small Biz Management and Entrepreneurship class.
haha. i don't even know. but i thought it was cool.
josh and i on a walk after thanksgiving dinner.
josh and i before thanksgiving dinner.
manda and her pre-thanksgiving dinner eggnog :)

so, there you have it. hope everyone had a GREAT thanksgiving. i know we did up here in Maine!
<3 love you all.


trresa said...

Great pictures!! And I love the "walk" that you and Josh are doing!

jess said...

haha. yea. it was a little bit of crazy walking.

Anita said...

Jessica - are you just LOVING that cat or what??:)

jess said...

haha. that cat? you mean damien?
hahah. it's a beautiful cat. we bonded... i was waiting for it to pounce on my leg though cuz josh was shining the laser on it :)