Sunday, March 9, 2008

Extra Money without really doing anything... :)

I just got off the phone with Anita, and we both agreed that the following information is very blog-worthy. :)
A few weeks ago, I was going over my bills. I had recently stopped working my second job, and I was missing the extra money I had each month. In an attempt to earn extra money without really doing anything strenuous, I got online and began my search. Things like babysitting, (which I find very strenuous) online surveys and others popped up on google. However, one thing in particular caught my eye. "Give plasma for quick cash"- Now, I know what you must be thinking.... Giving blood for money is just a tad creepy. I thought so too. I had never given blood before at this point, and I didn't really know how I felt about it. UNTIL I saw how much they paid you for it. Your first "blood donation" was $35. You can give twice in a week, so the second donation was $50. $85 dollars in one week for doing nothing but sitting in a chair, eating cookies and drinking juice sounds like a deal to me! So, I went to the local blood bank in Norfolk and began my quest for quick cash. After your first two visits, they consider you a frequent donator. You then are only given $50. Fine with me! I gave my first two donations, and since then, I've given blood almost every week for almost a month now. I have A- blood. This is a rare type of blood apparently (go figure), so they use my blood to develop vaccines for rabies, tetinus ( i think) and a vaccine for pregnant mothers with A- blood. Apparently, pregnant women with A- blood develop a toxicity to their own unborn child, and untreated, it can kill the baby. They have to have vaccines througout their pregnancy. I insure there will be no shortage of these vaccines.. :)

Some people become telemarketers. Some dress up as the Statue of Liberty outside Jackson Hewitt during tax time. I have become a blood donator.

<3 <3 <3 love love love you all!!!


Anonymous said...
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The Craziness that is My Life said...

is it just me, but i can't see this comment?

amandawhatshername said...

that is pretty funny, christina. i'll be honest though, i thought you were going to tell us that you were somehow bleeding that young entrepreneur for extra cash. :)

and, if i weren't afraid of viruses, i would try the links above. but i'm not brave enough!

Anita said...

Christina - you are too funny! You're right though, people do all kinds of things for a little cash. Selling some blood to help the world is a fine choice compared to some other options;) Love you!