Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter!

i wish i could be chillin' with you guys today, but instead i have a date with an 800 page sci-fi novel and 8 student papers. yay school!


jess said...

oh mamby!
i miss you. bummer that you have school work to do today... i too have school work that has to be done before tomorrow, but can't be started until after a 5 hour trip back to school... fun times. yay massachusetts. i'll post pics eventually when i get back!
love you mandi!

trresa said...

What beautiful cupcakes, mine didn't look anything like that...but Anita Frances liked them and that's all that matters :)

Amanda and Jessica-I missed you both like crazy today! And Christina too!! Did you have to work today Christina?

Have a good week everyone!

Anita said...

I sure could go for one of these on this early Thursday morning:)