Sunday, March 23, 2008


alright here goes... these first two pics are me and renae [being BAD above and looking GOOD on St. Patty's day below]

ok so this past weekend i went to pittsfield, massachusetts with katie black for easter. it was amazing. when we were walking around town on North Street we found this pavilion thing.

it ended up being a poem booth for all pittsfieldians to go into and jot down their poetry and hang on the lines inside. it was extremely windy and in the 30's. the door to the pavilion was blown open while we were inside and then slammed on katie when she tried to come out. no joke. i actually had to go and help her pull the door open while she pushed. insane.

had to take this picture for the obama fans among us... still inside the pavilion.

this was taken at Pancho's restaurant. i had the Pancho burger. it was like a hamburger steak with guacamole and lettuce on the top. it was amazing.

PURPLE HOUSE, MOM!!!! took this one especially for you <3

so i had to convince katie's siblings (well, just seth needed convincing) to come out to the park with katie and i after church for some pictures!!! it was FREEZING.

seth, cariss and i... what you can't see is that these things are loose and about 4 feet off the ground. they moved when you stepped on them... it was scary.

so MOM, i really missed you this weekend. you know how i called and said i got a t-shirt at the thrift store that said St. Teresa's on it? well.... we found St. Teresa's :) <3

this picture was painted on the wall inside pancho's. anyone else think that looks like fergie-ferg?

***SO.... I was having such an amazing time this weekend at katie's and i decided to have a dance party by myself. i am wearing a trucker hat, a maroon headband over that and a belt as a neck-tie. it was a good time. i thought ya'll would like some pics so ya'll could feel like you were there with me :)***

I'm not sure what I was doing in this last one... but it seemed to fit. I was tired, but wired. who knows...

Ok... now back to schoolwork and bummy stuff like that. ACTUALLY i'm about to go out with katie to WAWA for some coffee (i think i still have a couple dollars on the card gramma gave me- by the way grams, that card has been amazing!!!!), and some tissues (a slight cold... i used some zicam though) and then get to my horrid homework. i love and miss you guys like crazy! see ya'll soon, hopefully talk to ya'll sooner :) <3


trresa said...
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trresa said...

AND of course the PURPLE HOUSE!! And the church named after me too! What a really great post!

anitamo1 said...

nice pics i like the last ones lol

trresa said...

Hey Jess this is a great post of absolute favorite are the dance pics at the end!!! You're the best Jessica in the world :)