Wednesday, March 5, 2008

a photo update

Hey guys!!! I'm baa-aaa-aack!!!! and with pictures :) They're severely out of order, and I'm sure that I could've chosen better ones, but I did the best I could. Hope you enjoy them :)

This is me at Lake Champion for Snow Camp a few weeks ago where I worked as a server with Renae. This was taken in about 5 minutes of free time that we had all weekend. Ha!

So... when Renae and I were going to Snow Camp, we decided to leave a day early from school and go to her house for a day first. GOOD IDEA because it snowed over 12 inches that night and we wouldn't have been able to get up to NY if we hadn't gone up the day that we did. SOOOO, we decided to go sledding and climb some trees.

Just for the record, tree climbing while it's snowing intensely is not a good idea. This picture was staged, but it contains some truth in its intensity. I was scared to DEATH up there... we were only like 10 feet off the ground, BUT it was all slippery and some of the smaller branches tended to break easier because they were frozen.... no bueno.

At Snow Camp. This is Renae's brother, Ben, stirring the eggs.

That's me and Ben (he's not really that short, I don't know why he crouched down like that). Don't ya'll love my bagel stylings :)

So... Renae and I were trying to get a picture of us jumping while using the self-timer.... it didn't work. This was like 1 of 12 tries.

CHINA TOWN!!!! Chris and Laura Leichty took Katie and I to China Town for the final day of celebration of Chinese New Year.

Katie looks Chinese, and so does Laura with her eyes half open like that :)

This is me and Katie in front of all kinds of little trinkets that I wanted to buy!

Some little kid amongst all the confetti with his lion costume on. I wanted to buy one of these too :)

I am really sorry that all of these pictures are out of order. This is from the day before Snow Camp at Tabatha's house in Orange County, NY. Tab took my camera...

Manda and Nini from sometime during Christmas break. ha!

Whoa, mandi! ha... i don't even know what else to say :)

our adventure on the Noland Trail, this is amanda scouting the way...

Josh's Burrito San Jose. +10" burrito at Plaza Azteca. He finished the WHOLE THING and was only slightly ill afterwards.

Josh and I at Plaza Azteca... I'm looking quite rough... ew.

Mandi and Hosh playing 'Sixes'. "Bet you didn't see THIS coming!!!" (said Hosh as he gave away his King.... ha!)

The kids at the crazy Christmas House in Hampton.

Cooking on Christmas Eve (4 days after surgery...ha!)

Travis making good use of that ladder, changing the light for Grandaddy.

So there you have it... a little smathering from the last 4 months of adventures- here, there and everywhere!!! Love you guys!


amandawhatshername said...

4, i didn't realize that much time had passed. ugh.

those are some really good pictures, jess. :)

trresa said...

Even more great pictures! Thanks Jecca!

Anita said...

I got many good chuckles from these - thanks Jess!!! HOWEVER, the eggs made me say "ewwwwww".