Friday, May 16, 2008

beware the fondue!

I'm not used to uploading on the home computer, so you'll have to bear with me. :)

Yesterday, we had a big day of baking and melting and general failures. I wanted to make this brilliant topsy-turvy cupcake cake with lots of colored frosting and goodness, and mom wanted to try out the new fondue pot.

So..we started early with the cake. The cake and cupcakes turned out beautifully and the icings can see them...gorgeous. Now to the stacking. :)

The stacking is brilliant in theory, but nearly impossible in execution. There was too much of the gooey stuff to make any real bond between cupcake and cake, and we didn't level the layer the sliding began immediately. Here is a picture of me being ridiculous and kinda scary.

Now to the disaster that was our fondue. If you'll notice - the fondue melted superbly. The ingredients came together in such a nice way. The cheese melted, the spirits simmered, the guests' mouths watered. Then...we tried it. Sadly, we don't like Swiss cheese. Turns out Emmenthal cheese is very strongly Swiss. Ugh...fondue is out.

Here are some of quotables that popped up around the fondue pot.

Teresa: "I'm going to get the ketchup!"

Josh: "You don't have to pretend you like it, Anita."
Anita: "Well...I figured out a trick. If you put the cheese on this part of the bread and put that part up in the roof of your mouth..."

Keven: It is NOT good on broccoli."

All that said...we dumped the stinky ass cheese fondue and made a second with salsa, and some leftover shredded kraft cheeses. It was good...observe:

So...lessons learned:
1. Expensive cheese is not always where it's at.
2. Cupcakes do not have much of their own strength. Icing is much more powerful.
3. In most cases, stick to what you know.
4. If it ain't fixed, don't broke it.


jess said...

a) your hair looks amazing!
b) you look even better in my apron (don't think i didn't notice)
c) i'm jealous that i couldn't be there for the festivities... and with you...

amandawhatshername said...

jessica! i knew you'd notice, but i also knew you would want me to wear it. :) it saved my "Nobody puts the Captains in the corner!" t-shirt from four different food colorings!

miss you!

southern <3

jess said...

i definitely want you to wear it in all your cooking endeavors while at home. i wouldn't have it any other way.