Saturday, May 17, 2008

bowling and boo-boo's...

*on wednesday i went bowling with jen, anna, duck and deon.*
jen didn't do so well and thought we should take a mad picture.
i don't know if you can tell, but the seats are from an old movie theater.

*me and duck.* that's not a nickname, his name is actually duckenson.
so i guess it is a nickname, but it came from his actual name... get my drift?

on friday, i was at work and cooking on the grill.
well, a piece of hot, greasy food jumped up off the grill and landed between my glove and my hand. well, i didn't really realize it at first, but that sucker burned. i didn't get a chance to get it off right away either because i was in the middle of doing something.
*notice the result.*

it's quite a blister if i do say so myself, and rather annoying.

i took my friend, co-worker home and she let me borrow her burt's bee's stuff...
it's stinky, but it feels good.

alright, well i have 2 papers to write this weekend, so i guess i should get going on it.
love you guys. talk to ya'll soon.
<3 jecca


Anita said...

Burns are stinky...sorry Jess:( Glad to see you are getting in some fun times though. Love you and good luck with the papers!

trresa said...

Hey Jecca! That's a bad looking blister~so sorry :( Glad you had fun bowling :) Wish you were here with us :( Happy you're having fun while earning more college credits even though it's summertime :) I love you Jess <3

amandawhatshername said...

i just threw up a little. you typed the word "ya'll" :)

[mom saw this comment and swatted at me with a paper towel and then sang "ya'll is fine! ya'll! ya'll!"]


jess said...

amanda jo.
i type the word 'ya'll' all the time. i don't see anything wrong with it.
sorry... i'm not an english major.
:) <3