Saturday, May 3, 2008

when i should be writing...

i usually end up doing other things. such as...

1. blogging. duh.

2. shopping. today i ended up at burlington coat factory, where i snagged this cute shirt:

and this cute sweater:
both tommy hilfiger, of course. the only thing to warrant a trip to the clothing section of burlington usually.

i have also relented and decided to stop fighting my eye color. it has become apparent that on most days, my eyes are green. fine. that's close to blue, i guess. anyway, here is some recent proof (also note the rosie o'donnell 'had it' head scarf that i bought when i should have been grading papers several weeks ago):
undeniably green, right? so, when i went to target today to buy an eyelash curler (my last one dropped in the toilet this week and i believed that to be a deal-breaker for something that works so close to my eye.) i also picked up some green eye-enhancing eye shadows. observe:
pretty cool, huh?

disclaimer: (i know this should really come before the post, but i thought it would really deflate the post.) for some reason, i failed at both being photogenic and being an effective photographer/photo manipulator. so...ya know...don't fault me.

i still blogged. :)


trresa said...

Very cute Amanda!! I love your eyes and the new shadow! I like the shirt and sweater too, they are really cute. And your hair is wonderful, so much fun! Thanks for the picture blog, it's good to see your face!

jess said...

i really love, i mean absolutely LOVE, that sweater!!! i am very jealous. you might not want to bring it when you come to visit me cuz you might not get to take it back :) i love you!
P.S.- you look absolutely amazing. hot stuff.

amandawhatshername said...
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