Thursday, May 29, 2008

tales from the shoe rack's no secret that I've been taking advantage of the shopping opportunities available to me in the Bad News area. Maine has impressed me greatly with its lack of acceptable shopping venues. Recession or not, I still buy things every once in a while, but Old Navy, Gap, and Kohl's are really the extent of my options up there.

It's all been going so well, but last night there was a slight snafoo. Jessica and I went to Off Broadway and bought four pairs of shoes between the two of us.

We tried shoes on in the store. We moved the shoes we liked to another area of the store, tried on others, and debated our favorites. When we got to the register with our four, one girl took our boxes to check the sizes of the shoes. She looked at each one of them and then looked at the boxes and then wrote some sort of approving note on the shoe boxes.

Jessica and I made our purchases, drove home, and excitedly showed our new shoes to Mom and Josh. After Jessica and Josh left for church and I decided to trapse around in my new bossy red shoes that I discovered that they were in fact, two different red shoes.

I actually spent time in these different shoes and bought them both like it was no big deal. Ugh... Anyway, long story shorter, Mom and I went back to Off Broadway and traded the cheap-o MIA shoe for the classier, more fancy GUESS Left to match its old friend, Right.

Reunited, both Right and Left are feeling blissful and in love again.

And I have regained my faith in consumerism.

Yay for fun red shoes that know...the same. :)

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Anita said...

Such sweet shoes - even if they are different!