Saturday, September 8, 2007


So last night Katie, Yoseph and myself set out on an "adventure". We went to South Street (Philadelphia) and it took us about 5 circles around the meter parking before we decided just to park in a lot and pay $10... a big sacrifice for poor college kids. Katie was convinced that she had enough quarters to pay for a meter... she also thought that a quarter bought you about half an hour... WRONG. Up here a quarter will get you about 8 minutes at a meter... Anyways, no biggie. So we start walking and keep walking past all kinds of cool shops but we don't go into any of them. We finally get to the end of mostly all the shops so we decide to go back down the other side of the road and see what was over there. Well... there wasn't much of anything that tickled our fancy... (we did go into a piercing/tattoo place...but nothing was pierced or tatted...)... so we kept walking and a man walked by us and said, "Weed?, Hash?, Shrooms?" I politely declined, "No, thanks." and kept walking. Then we decided to get Rita's Italian Ice and sit on a stoop and watch people. There we saw a group of three girls wearing extreme mini skirts and high heels. They came across a praying mantis (which they happen to have a lot of up here). The on girl was kinda nudging it toward the street and one of the other ones said, "Don't kill it, it's an endangered species!!!" Well that gave us all a little chuckle since it's a bug. Then the 'nudger' tried to pick it up and it started to fly at the other girls and the screaming and swatting ensued. Then it flew across the street and the scene was repeated... except with two healthy-looking black women. The one nudged and the other tried to protect and then jumped and ran (which was absolutely HILARIOUS) when it started to fly. After it flew off, she stopped someone walking on the sidewalk and said, "Did you see me?!" I guess she was quite tickled at her own self. Anyways, we didn't find an "adventure" according to some standards... but I think a drug offer and a praying mantis show was adventure enough for us.

oh yea, i forgot... i have never really been to South Street before except for driving past it while riding with someone else. Soooo.... when it came time to go, I got Daniel out (my Garmin) and I typed in the only place that I knew the name of on that street. (Seen at left.) Don't ask me how I knew it, but I did and we got there without any trouble at all. Thanks, Daniel!! (His name needs to be said with a British accent... fyi <3)

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trresa said...

i feel like i was on the adventure with you! thanks, it was great fun!