Sunday, September 30, 2007

in case you ever get the urge

feeling particularly hateful towards myself today, i decided to start my day with a run. ignoring the fact that i had just recently eaten two bowls of cereal, i put on my running clothes and shoes, did some very runnerly like stretches, put a new playlist on the ipod and took off down the street. i ran straight out of orono and into old town. impressive, yes? i thought so. so i allowed myself a little walk around the shoulder and then preceded to start running back home. small victories, i told myself. next time i will run farther, i told myself. then my body responded by telling just how much this run was not a victory. turns out i have asthma. always forget about that. so, as i'm w-a-l-king back up the road to orono, wondering why my beautiful run suddenly turned so painstakingly difficult, i was actually pleased to recall the asthma bit. ah! i said, i am not a total failure at physical fitness, i just have a condition that prevents my success at such a venture without the proper medication. i tell you this not so that you will worry, but so that i will remember to use my inhaler before the inane urge to run strikes me again. before the collapse (there was no literal collapse, of course) the run was wonderfully challenging and healthy for my mental state.
so this is what i have to say to that whole thing:

and, at some point today, i will stop coughing. i promise. :)


trresa said...

the inhaler is your friend and i'm thanking God the ditch did not swallow you up in your altered state

Anita said...

I am sooo incredibly impressed. I love the idea of running so to live vicariously through you is great. Keep it up Manda. Keeping your inhaler is probably a great idea too. Wasn't it nice to realize it wasn't just you but a logical reason for loss of breath, ect?

Anita said...

By the way, where in the world did you find that picture?????

jess said...

oh mandi pandi. i am very impressed. i'm wondering how your bazoomas survived this running adventure... :)

p.s.- anita- i think it's 'etc.' instead of 'ect.' in fact, i'm sure it is... just so you know :) <3

amandawhatshername said...

i'd like to address each of you in turn:
mom-there are no ditches along my route, so stop worrying
anita-i also love the idea of running and my soreness today is not going to deter me from trying again! i found the picture through google images.
jessica-as you may know, the costume for running is very different from the costume for any other activity. and i rock the running costume. that's all i'm going to say about that.

jess said...

haha. yea i guess i forgot about that costume thing :) i love and miss you mandi.