Thursday, September 20, 2007

look what i found...

i hope you don't mind, Anita! I found it in the blog drafts and it looks great to me :) Everyone else, this is Anita's original post from Sept. 20th. Enjoy!

Got Milk?

It seems like such a simple thing - a pleasure for some a nuisance for others. Well, tonight those two things collided. I had a lovely dinner at Teresa's house with joyous fellowship with the fam. It was a prelude to the big event of the season premier of Survivor. Teresa has a survivor cake - did y'all know that? The cake is delicious and can only be topped if served jointly with a nice - very nice - cup of milk. Hhhmmmm, good times. How did such a special event take such a wrong turn? Was it carelessness? Maybe. Was it distraction? Possibly. Did it reek havoc? Absolutely. Milk flew - it landed on the couch, the floor, the end table, the books under the end table, the quilt, my person, my plate (to which nearly ruined the perfect final bite of THE CAKE) and last but not least, my cell phone. The end result - I'm afraid there will eventually be a milk odor about the living room and/or quilt and my cell phone is now officially funky. Who knew. How often does the silliness of the moment try to steal our joy from the day? It seems to come up often, but this battle it did not win. For I had a fun night - with laughter and chats - and tomorrow I will simply get another phone - the battery was going dead all the time anyway:) Hey family out there - hang in there. Don't let the stupid stuff get to you. We have a lot to be thankful for so let's enjoy it.

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