Friday, September 21, 2007

let's play catch-up (picture style)

*my jammy pants got a slight tear in them...
*this is my room looking from my bathroom door.
*this is my room, looking from the front door.
*this is the secret passageway to katie and steph's room... aka the bathroom.
*it was katie's birthday at the end of august, so we took her out in style :)

*fireworks at yardley day!

*renae and i at friendly's!

*i painted renae's nails- they looked amazing!!!

*renae and i took a trip to the park :)

*i actually didn't fit down this slide, but it was fun to try :)

so all of these pictures are out of order and all kinds of ker-bobbled.... but anyways, i hope they'll do for the curiosity in the rest of ya'll
<3 jess


trresa said...


amandawhatshername said...

sweet update. i was worried that no one was ever going to post again!

jess said...

haha, me too! i have just been super busy lately... but i am already planning my next blog... a compilation of ridiculous things that professors have said in the past couple weeks of class. <3

Anita said...

great pictures Jess - I love them and all their randomness!!:)