Saturday, September 8, 2007

one week down, fourteen to go!

hello all,

the first week of classes went really well. i think i have a great group of students. so far they are still terrified of the college experience for the most part, so they are quiet in class and only one person in the class doesn't have perfect attendance. i have 23 students in all and yesterday i actually bought a gradebook. it's gorgeous. matt tried to convince us all to put our gradebooks in as excel spreadsheets and have the spreadsheet do the math for us as we put each grade in. that's all fine and everything, but...i want a gradebook! so. i bought one and it's blue and it has all of their names in it. (which i now know, by the way. i can identify each and every one of them. impressed?)

so - i don't have much time b/c i need to do my own readings and then some lesson planning, but i wanted to update you kids on the good times in sunny maine. by the way, it was nice and cool this week for the most part but then recently the heat wave is coming back. it's supposed to storm tonight; hopefully they will be the end of it.

alright, enjoy the pictures.

the shortcut from my apartment complex through to talmar wood (another living complex) which connects to the rangeley road which i then follow to the massive parking lot. crossing the parking lot and following another few sidewalks brings me to my neville hall. i have both my office and my class in neville. if you get an early morning call or text, i probably sent it at this point of the walk.
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my desk from the center of our office.
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the view from my desk. i bought this salad in the student union. you build it yourself and then pay by the weight. it's quite nice. also, the house dressing of umaine is a sort of creamy greek. who knew?
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finally, the french toast i made myself today. i just thought it was a cute picture.
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have a good weekend everybody! and don't forget to read for monday! :)


jess said...

haha, mandi! i loved this post. i can't wait to come visit. i whole heartedly support the choice to get a gradebook, i always thought they were the coolest part about being a teacher :) love you mandi!!!

trresa said...

congrats on the gradebook!!! i can't wait to see you write in it! i love your office too!

jess said...

so i was looking closer at your pics and i saw some pictures of us and of me on your wall at work and it made me super happy. <3 i love you mandi