Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I just got home from youth group. Usually I am pretty hyped up Wednesday nights. Tonight was different. Youth group is different. It is such a different group of kids. They're still good kids. They just aren't that group that I felt close to and could make me smile or laugh the minute I saw them. That group is now scattered around at various colleges. So anyway, I didn't have a bad time but I would have to describe myself as melancholy (did I spell that right?). So I came in the house and did my usual - bathroom, wash hands (would do that even if didn't go to the bathroom - I touch some nasty things generally on Wednesdays:(), change clothes, check email and blog. Jess and Manda - your comments from my little congrats post were perfect. Jess, your sweetness shined through and Manda, you cracked me up. I love ya'll and you were in fact my "gifts" tonight. Good, no more melancholiness :) and I can roll on with my nightime rituals. Thanks girls and love you tons!


trresa said...

i loved their comments too and i felt exactly the same way, i was like "awwww" with jess's and then i laughed at amanda's~i wanted to write something about it but thought i was just being a mushy mother~~thanks anita

amandawhatshername said... are both a little sappy, but i still dig ya. :)