Monday, September 3, 2007

yardley day

so tonight, katie, steph and i went with chris and laura to 'yardley day' to see the 'salsa explosion dance competition' (which was nowhere near an explosion) and the awesome 20 minute fireworks show (my personal favorite). so i have been a little tight in the money region lately because checks don't come out for another two weeks and i forgot to get money at home before i came to school... well anyways, it came time to buy dinner at the fair-type thing and i didn't have enough money. all i had was $4. so i thought that it wasn't gonna hurt me to skip 1 meal... seriously, plus i had packed a snack in anticipation that this might happen, so i was ok. well i really wanted to at least get a dessert from the fair because it was a special occasion and i just wanted one :) well me and the girls were walking around looking at all the food choices and i just happened to look down... and guess what i saw..... give up?....
i found a $5 bill!!! so i picked it up and i looked around... well there was like a few hundred people around... i didn't know what to do with it... i looked at steph and katie and katie reminded me that there really was no way to know who it belonged to... so i put it in my pocket and kept walking. this brings my pocket total to $9. now i'm not saying that i know this for sure... but.... God knew that i didn't have any money and i'm wondering if He put that $5 bill there just for me... kinda like saying, "Hey Jess, here's a 5 and I love you and you're doing a good job, just keep going." hahaha, kinda sounds funny now but that's exactly what i thought... it was like the biggest encouragement i could have ever gotten this (hectic, crazy, insane) week. just thought i'd share it with ya'll. <3


Anita said...

Very, Very cool Jess! I agree with you. You know what's funny? My first thought was "oh, I need to send Jess a little money" but this goes to remind me and the rest of us that sometimes God wants to get the chance and we don't want to always take it away from Him.

jess said...

anita, that is the coolest thing you could've said... i didn't even think of it like that... and thanks for thinking of me with the money thing... but i'm good... i'm learning to conserve and that lesson is priceless... (pun intended)
love you, nini