Thursday, November 8, 2007

Different variations of hair ties and matters concerning Restless Leg Syndrome..

Hey everybody. I just saw Jessica's away message and I think it's official. It's that time of year when everyone begins to struggle. I have been struggling myself here over the past week. The following story is somewhat funny. Everyone I have told has thought it was hilarious. It was in the beginning, and now I'm starting to think twice.

I don't know what prompted this, I really have no idea. However, I haven't slept AT ALL going on 5 days now. There's an interesting story that goes behind this, so here goes. Maybe I can attribute it to working so much. I have no idea what is causing it really, but all I know is this: Five days ago, I was going through my usual routine at bedtime. I was reading a book, trying to get sleepy, just worked a 14 hour day.... I felt sleepy, so I figured it was time to put my head to the pillow and call it a night. Now mind you, I haven't had a day off in a few weeks now. That's fine with me, but still... It begins to put a toll on your body. I put my head to the pillow and began to doze. All of the sudden, my legs started to twitch. Not just a little bit, but a lot. This twitching continued throughout the night. I turned my light out at 1AM. At 5 AM, I was still awake, very frustrated, and legs still twitching. Finally, around 7 I started to cry. It was really making me frustrated that I was so sleepy, but I couldn't sleep for the life of me. Sometime from 7 to 8, I must have dozed. At 8:30, I woke up very abruptly. Now, here's where the story is a little funny. I sleep walk, or so I've been told. I've been sleepwalking ever since I moved out of mom and dad's house. Before I had gotten into bed that night, I had done a load of laundry and put all of my laundry away. When I go to bed, I take my hair out of the ponytail that it's normally always in, this night was no different. Fast-forward to 8:30 AM.... I woke up, very disoriented, and my hair was pulled back. It wasn't pulled back completely like I normally do, it was very loose. I couldn't figure out why it was up again. I reach in my hair, only to find a THONG wrapped around my hair like a hair tie. I have no idea why I did it, or what prompted me to pull my hair up with a thong of all things in my sleep. Who knows, but as I'm discovering my new variation of a hair accessory, my legs are still twitching.

Now by this point, I'm thinking that the coming night will be different. I will sleep, and the previous night was an isolated incident. Boy was I wrong. 5 nights later, there is still no change. I have googled Restless Leg Syndrome, only to discover that if you have an iron deficiency (which I'm anemic) then this is a major contributor. So, three days ago, I started taking iron supplements. According to the Internet, it takes at least a week to really start working in your system. I HOPE SO, for my sake and for my sanity. When I get off work tonight, I am going to sleep. I have to.

SO, needless to say, I share in your struggles cousins and family. Poor Jessica sounded like she's really having a tough time. It's almost Thanksgiving break. Things will start to get better, I promise Jess and Manda. At least you didn't wake up with a thong for a hair :)

I love you all, and I hope this insomnia comes to an end soon.




amanda whats-her-face said...
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Anita said...

Tina - I'm sorry:( I hope you can sleep tonight. I know it's miserable when you are weary and yet you can't sleep. Hey, sorry I've talked to you this week. I found out last Friday that I am at a threat AGAIN of going over my minutes on my cell. I've got to really watch my minutes until the 13th so I've been trying to make calls when it's free. I'm missed talking to you and now I see that i've missed alot:( I love you and we'll definitely talk this weekend. If you need though you can call anytime.

Anita said...

"haven't" talked to you - omitted word:)

jess said...

hey tini.
the not sleeping sucks.
but the thong in the hair... i feel like that will be a 'tini classic' story... it will be right up there with the best of them :P

I love you tini!
<3 jess