Saturday, November 3, 2007

i'm leaving, on a jet plane

guess who bought a plane ticket!!!

i woke up this morning with a start, only to realize that maine has suffocated me. there is just too much crazy in this tiny little town for one girl to handle. for some reason, i attract crazy. this you know. so...after the hellishness that was last night (and no, i don't want to talk about it or receive platitudes in regards to it) i decided that i needed to know that there is an achievable end date on this first maine stay. so...i pulled up the good ol' jetblue and checked out my options. then i pulled up several other pricing sites and finally returned to my good friend i am now the proud owner of one shiny plane ticket to las vegas, nevada. hot damn! girl is leaving town! i'm going to meet some people there for thanksgiving and work on my homework, of course, but most importantly, i won't be in maine! i know it's pricey, but you don't understand what i've been living with. so, i've printed my confirmation and tacked it to the wall behind my desk. whenever things get bad, i'll merely reference my confirmation and count the blessed days until i'm out of here!

here are some things that i'm hoping don't happen on my flight:
1. snakes

2. awkward bush neck hugs

(i don't think you understand how possible this option is, this picture was taken at the bangor airport)
3. inappropriate giant businessman assigned to the seat beside me

(i mean, really, this ad guy needs a class in perspective)
4. the perfectly manicured trying to steal my packages

(it's happened more times that you would expect)

you guys should really just google image search bangor airport, it's obviously a good time.

anyway, i'm looking forward to my flight! i'm also looking forward to pointing and laughing at each of you in december b/c I GOT YOU!!!! :)

there is no vegas. sadly enough. but there is a plane ticket. that's interesting, i wonder where it will take me. hmm...


jess said...

you little.... i was getting all in a huff cuz you were gonna go to las vegas instead of going home for thanksgiving... arg... but i am so super excited you are coming home in december!!! yeehaw!!! i love you mandi!!!

Anita said...

aahhhhhh, you really got me!!! Just so you know, I got excited initially thinking "she's coming home". Then slightly disappointed. Then excited again for you because you were excited. What a roller coaster ride! You are too funny Manda - thanks for the entertainment. Love you!!!