Saturday, November 24, 2007

thanksgiving in maine

matt getting ready to carve the turkey:

evan selecting some turkey morsels:

now the after eating shots, we were definitely too busy eating to take pictures. there was a lot of food. and we (there were 5 of us) ate most of it.
me and matt, lamenting our full conditions. some more than others:

sarah and erin, feeling full on the couch:

evan, who got hungry again very quickly, should probably become a professional eater and win competitions:

laurie ate elsewhere, so she self-moderated a little better:

matt was way too close to me to take my picture. i tried to communicate this, but instead just closed my eyes. because that will help.

dessert! the only thing that wasn't made from scratch was the raspberry cake in the front. we have some talented pie and cake makers in our midst up here:

after the sugar high, i think we got a little silly. me, laurie and erin decided it was couch time for the girls:

well...such was my thanksgiving in maine. the only thing you missed is a lot of football and a jay and silent bob movie later.

and now for something really different, i turned in my project for my composition class with pat on friday (yesterday) and she emailed me back last night (still friday) and called it 'amazing' and gave me an A on that and the class. yay! one class down, one to go. well, two if you can't my kids, fingers crossed on that one.

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trresa said...

Great Pictures Amanda!! Thanks!

And Congratulations on the A!!!!!!