Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Good times with Ms.Pac Man and Frogger

I came home tonight, tired and ready to hit the sack, only to be given a great surprise. Kiel's youngest brother, Daniel, gave Kiel a Sega Genesis game consul about 8 years ago. Kiel filed it away in the laundry room tucked carefully in a box and began collecting dust. Today, after an obvious burst of motivation, Kiel cleaned our laundry room. In it, he found the Sega game consul, along with about 20 games. I'm talking the classics; Frogger, Sonic vs. Tails, Aladin, Mortal Combat, Madden 94 (haha) MLS Soccer 92, MLB 93, Ms. PacMan, Looney Toones, and so many more. The only thing we're missing is Echo the Dolphin. I would have peed my pants if it had been in there. Here it is, 2 hours after arriving home, and the sega has become almost a drug of sorts, equally addicting. I just can't stop! I think that I'm going to play one more game of Frogger and call it a night.

I just had to share my joy over finding a lost relic. I had many a happy days playing Sega with Andrew. Back in the day, Sega was a big deal. And oh, for the record, I kicking the boys butts in Sega. No one has beaten me yet!!! :D

Can't touch this.....(arms waiving about)

I hope everyone is doing well. I'm doing ok! Started sleeping again, just working an extreme amount still. I love you all, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I love you!!!! Jess, hope you're feeling better girlie girl!


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jess said...

tini!!! kiel's discovery has left me jealous to the extreme!!! i am, indeed, feeling better... last night i actually slept in my own bed (and not in the lounge). i kinda propped myself up and could actually breathe!! i love you, tini! thanks for thinking of me <3