Monday, November 5, 2007

let's talk december

What are all the things we want to do when everyone's home? I vote for a game night. I would be open to playing the regular games whether it be dominoes or catch phrase. I could also be open to learning a new game. Has anyone heard of True Colors? I used to have it so maybe we've played it a long time ago. It's one of those games where you read a statement and secretly vote for the person in the game that most represents the statement. It can be very funny, eye-opening and occasionally disheartening. An example would be the time I was playing with Paul King in the group. The statement was something to the effect of who is most likely to eat steak with ketchup. Naturally, he got my vote along with several others......funny what upsets some people. Hhhhmmm, could we handle it? The other thing is that maybe we should be open to trying some new activities or going some new places. Whatcha think out there????


amandawhatshername said...

i think that sounds great, and i'm pretty sure we can handle that game. also...what was that game that you and i played in which i found out that you liked long fingernails (gross) more than bunk beds (double the fun!)? i feel like we played it at the newman's and we didn't have the right number of people. that one should make an appearance too. i remember laughing until i cried. :)

jess said...

i think the game you're referring to, mandi, is whoonu?. and i own that one so i will bring it home with me. ALSO, depending on the weather status... I have recently discovered the joy of exploring. Kinda like hiking...but with no agenda but to find new things and take awesome pictures!!! so... maybe we can try that :)

Anita said...

Both are excellent ideas! I can't wait! Whoonu is possibly even better than True Colors. Hiking and random picture taking - that thrills my soul! I'm soooo excited!! And of course nails are much better than bunk beds - however I do think I would a put a limit on the "long" part.