Sunday, November 25, 2007

Whitley Thanksgiving

My thanksgiving was spent in Middletown, NY with Renae and the rest of the Whitley family. Thanksgiving preparations: Renae has this tradition of putting olives and pickles in the official olive and pickle tray. She pretty much freaked out when she thought someone had already done the job.
This is Dewey Mason Whitley IV (I think it's the fourth...). You might not be able to see it, but he is actually washing a deer liver in the kitchen sink... good times...
Renae and Katie, Dewey's fiance, getting ready to play some CARDS!!!! (I begged everyone to play cards with me EVERYDAY!!!)
Father Whitley and son Benjamin Whitley carving the ham. ("Wanna piece o' meat? Wanna piece o' ham?!")
Thanksgiving Dinner! (From L to R: Dewey, Katie, Ben, Aaron, Jules, Renae, Me, Father Whitley and Lillian. Not pictured: Mother Whitley)
Fat Woman and Fat Man, as they were so affectionately referred to.
Me and my coffee! FIERCE!!!
Me and the victorious hunter... all the boys went out hunting on Thanksgiving day and Ben got both of these. I was excited and also really grossed out. As you can see, I'm pretty attached to Ben... that's because I was about to vomit and wanted to block my view of the gaping hole of innards on both of these.
Cosmic Bowling at the Hoe Bowl. There were black lights... Things glowed. (My face is priceless.)
Ha! the Hoe Bowl. It was amazing.
I told Renae that I would get a 'livestock picture' before I left NY. She believed me when I made an evasive maneuver to pull off the side of the road when I saw this horse just chillin' in a field.
We like to pretend we are models... and the perfect place to do it is in a cemetery. :)
The gang at Matt's house (Clockwise from Top: Long-Hair-Jay, Matt Notaro, Kati Negro, Me, Jess O., and Ray-Nay)

My Thanksgiving was amazingly fun and extremely tiring. I miss all you guys, but since I couldn't be with you guys I was definitely in the next best place. I LOVE the Whitley family and always love going to visit. Some more highlights of the trip include: playing Nerts (card game) until 2am with Tab and Maegan, playing Sixes (another card game) with Renae and laughing our heads off to the point that her mom had to ask us if we had had anything to drink that night, adventures to Wurtsborough & O'Toole's, Renae yelling "TURN LEFT HERE" about 10 feet in front of the turn @ around 55mph, playing the Nap Game at Matt's (just a 'game' where you take a nap), going to visit Jess O. and having her dad tell us that we look like we need a beer, going to Jess O's house and then breaking out in some sort of rash because of Kryst's pug licking me, taking mystery pills from Yana to clear up said rash, and absolutely CrAzY fOg on Wednesday night.

Another highlight (but not so high...): I got pulled over today on the way to Matt's house. This was my first time being pulled over, EVER. And I was super nervous. And Renae had just told me what the speed limit was and I was going a lot faster, because up there there really aren't many speed limits or speed limit signs at least... So, I had just started slowing down and then the light turned on behind me... GREAT! So, I got out my license and registration and stuff (good thing I cleaned out my glove compartment or I wouldn't have been able to find it :) ).

Police Officer: Do you know why I'm stopping you?
Jess: No
Police Officer: Wanna take a guess?
Jess: Speeding?
Police Officer: You got it.
Jess: How much?
Police Officer: 53 in a 30mph zone.
Jess: (jaw drop and mental 'doh!') Stink. I'm not from anywhere around here.
Police Officer: I can see that. (Hands back paperwork.) Just slooooww down (emphasis was placed on the 'slow').
Jess: Ok, thank you.

Police officer proceeds to get back in his car and pull away, while I on the other hand am shocked and sitting motionless in the car. Renae then told me that her friends have been stopped there for going 31mph before (only 1mph above the limit) and have gotten tickets. Craziness. Needless to say, I was driving around 28mph the rest of the way to Matt's house. Yikes!

I Love Ya'll!!! I absolutely must go to bed now cuz I am CRAZY TIRED.

P.S.- Mandi!!!! Sorry we got disconnected today when you called. I didn't get back to a little bit ago and didn't call you back. I'm sorry!!! I will hopefully get to talk to you tomorrow though! I love you!

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trresa said...

I love your post Jess!!! Lots of great details! And it looks like you really had a great time.....Thanks Renae and your family!!!

AND, thank you very nice police officer!