Monday, February 11, 2008

Come on now everybody.....

I have a GRAND idea! How about if everyone, yes that means each one of us, does at least one post this week. It can be one sentence (or even a fragment if need be) or a whole story. I just can't accept the thought that we don't have things to share with each other. So come on everybody...(anyone recognize the song????)

Okay, so I'll go first.

It's Monday and I'm already dreading Friday. Why? you ask...Because I am about to be with a BUNCH of teenagers, most of which I do not know, and I will share ALLLLLLL of my space with them - sleeping quarters, showers (the most dreaded), bathrooms, free time and game time (which I hate if I have to participate). Okay, and can i just say, the last time I was there - NONE of the shower curtains were sufficient. Why? I say why? The part I AM looking forward to is some hanging time, talking time and worship time. I just prefer to do it when I feel like doing it:) So, if anyone would like to remember me in your prayers, that would be much appreciated. I WANT to love everyone there and I WANT to love being with them. Hhhmmm, do miracles still happen?:)

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