Monday, February 11, 2008

Thank you bloggers!

I'm so glad to see new blog entries, and I'm very happy to see Christina is still around :) I've been wondering what you're up to!

First for confession, I have blogaphobia. Each time I think to post something the fear begins. It will sound doofey or be spelled wrong or just be very boring. BUT, I love to read the I must be willing to contribute.

Here we go~~

So Saturday I was feeling great and wanted to rid the yard of gumballs. That earned me 1 blister and 2 splinters. In honor of Survivor, I even made fire and burned all the sticks that were scattered about. BUT, the yard looked great!!

Sunday we had a wind storm.

The gumballs were dropping like popcorn!!

Also, we had a "sunbathing pool" in the backyard. When it blew into the front yard last week, Keven put it in his truck to get rid of it this week. Well it blew from the truck, down 3 houses onto the driveway of a neighbor who just had to be outside when I found it. I said sorry.....he said he watched it come down the street......oops!

That's all. Have a great day everybody!


jess said...

trreesssiiieeee!!!! that was amazing!!! sorry about that 'sun-bathing' pool :) but it served its purpose at the time and served for some entertainment now too :) i love you, mom! i wish i could have been there for your fire adventures!!! <3

Anita said...

That pool sure is making the rounds. Maybe that's a sign you should have one installed.....:)

amandawhatshername said...

hilarious. i love the image of the pool flying down the street. : )

great blog, mom!

The Craziness that is My Life said...

wonderful blog teresa! gum balls are quite worrisome. i understand your wanting to get them out of your yard. gum balls in general freak me out. like some sort of creature is going to crawl out and bite you when you pick them up!