Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Anita!

Okay everyone....Sorry, I forgot that when you upload pictures you want to put the last one first because they are added to the top. But it's somuch work for me to do this in the first place that I'm not going to redo the whole thing. So we'll get to the happy birthday part in just a second.

Christmas Light Looking! We go every year and it's great fun!!!
Lavender Roses!! These were so beautiful I just figured everyone would want to see them!!
~Here we go~

Happy Birthday to Anita! You may not be able to see it but she's holding a piece of her cake for you to see. This picture will also cover for Granddaddy's birthday on the 5th and Keven's birthday which was on the 18th.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

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Anita said...

Holy shmolies - that teaches me to check this regularly!!! Fun photos!! Thanks everyone for a great birthday and I LOVED that it was the birthday that just went on and on....Love you all! And the cake...WAS THE BOMB!!!!!!