Saturday, February 9, 2008

don't everybody post at once, now.

just kidding. :)

anyway, i spent my entire day waiting for a politician. i know, i know, it's surprising. but, i really like this guy.
barack obama is all about hope and change, and let's be honest, that's pretty much my m.o. these days. he has the experience of working in the illinois and u.s. senates and doing all kinds of great stuff there. he backs up the hopefulness some criticize with practical programs to implement the great things he is proposing. i won't get too far into it b/c i don't know everything or even really too much about politics in general. but look at his website and PLEASE vote for him in the primaries. mccain is a sure thing for the republican ticket, but we DO NOT want hillary to win the democratic nomination...she is not THE woman for the job. i'll explain why i think so if you really want to know what i think, but i have my suspicions that you are already skimming this paragraph as it is. :) please do think about barack, though. check him out here and listen to your heart. (and me!) about my day specifically. we got there at 10am to find about 20 people in line outside the bangor auditorium. we decided there was no reason to stand in line at that time, so we went to dunkin donuts and then joined the much longer line around 11am. we were finally let into the auditorium at 1:30pm where we again stood on the open floor to wait for things to happen. around 3:30pm the openers did their thing. several maine politicians warmed us up for barry (as beth likes to refer to him).

one of the pre-gamers was this young guy who is some big muckity muck in maine politics, but the thing about this guy is that he is really young. according to the girls around me, he is the stud of maine politics. interesting... anyway, this guy is talking away and then all of a sudden, midsentence in fact, we hear a voice on another microphone say, "ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, barack obama!" so, of course, crazy cheering and clapping and neck craining happens, but no barack. the guy is very disconcerted and looks towards to the entrance, but again, no barack. the young guy then hesitantly says, "ladies and gentlemen, i do not know what that was about..." and then just went on with his shpeal. i'm pretty sure someone grabbed a live mic and just yelled. beth and i lost it, and i have no idea what else that guy said. it was easily our favorite part of the event.

finally, a few minutes after 4pm, barack obama came out to much applause and hand shaking. his speech was great. i recognized certain parts from the commercials, but he is a really engaging speaker and he certainly knows what he is doing. also, i agree with him on a lot of things, so there was a lot of clapping and general excitement.

another highlight for me and beth (we went with matt and met other people there, but we are both short and relegated to the back, so we had our own meerkat fun in the crowd) was when the secret service stood in front of us in their hot suits and ear cord things. barack was shaking hands with people on the other side, so they were sizing up the hand shakers, i guess. it was just a hot setup.

okay, i guess you are all done hearing about my politics. don't hate me because i'm political. or beautiful, i guess.

how can you refuse this guy? :)


jess said...

yay mandi :D

i commend you for being so bold... since our fam. is predominantly republican... it's good to hear it from some other side... i don't include myself in that republican part, but you're a brave one posting on the family blog about a democrat :) i love you mandi

Anita said...

Oh stars Manda...I will never miss a day of checking this blog again:) Your content is always informative but I must admit your storytelling is always my favorite....I LOVE IT!! I end up feeling like I was right there! Thanks Manda....and well, I'm not political at all - which probably frustrates you on a whole different level, so I have to real comment on the man. But, I am still your aunt and you have to love me:) I have to go now because I think you posted again and I'm dying to read it! Love you!

Anita said...

I meant "no" real comment instead of the random "to"

amandawhatshername said...

so...if you aren't political, then you won't mind voting for "change we can believe in"? :)