Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the rest of my week ( and a little of next )

Wednesday (tonight):
-dinner with the crew at 6pm in the Eagles' Nest (which means no cafeteria food for tonight, yeehaw!)
-work in the cafeteria from 7pm to 8pm (filling in for some concert pianist who doesn't have time for work tonight...)
-Target run with Meg and Renae to finish getting stuff for Valentine's Day

-IT'S VALENTINE'S DAY!!!! and I have a Valentine!!!! :) yeehaw!!!

-classes and such... and THEN.....
-Joseph Cuthrell and Katie and maybe Renae and I are going to King of Prussia Mall... only the largest mall on the East Coast... heck to the yizzesssss.
-I'm gonna buy some clothes... and it's gonna be great!!!
-fun times, i'm sure will be had by all... all night long :)

-Matt Notaro and Long-Hair Jay are visiting from NY... usually fun times.
-Also homework.

-NYC with Chris and Laura Leichty for a Chinese New Year celebration!!!

Next week... a blur... until... FRIDAY.

Friday through Sunday of next weekend:
--Renae and I are working at Snow Camp (my second year, her 50th probably... she attended and then worked at it...). It's a retreat for a few youth groups from NY and her church goes to it. It is like the highlight of our semester!!! We are basically waitresses for like 200 or 300 kids. It's not like our youth group trips where all the kids get up and form a line at the tables with all the food.... NO WAY, these kids get served... and they get refills... and they get more food... and they are sooooooo needy... but in a strange way, it's so fun! I'm going to take some pictures probably... but I don't know if you'll be able to see any because my camera has not been wanting to upload pictures lately.... so we'll see how that goes down. Sorry there aren't pictures in this entry either... i love pictures... oh well.

Love you guys!!! Talk to ya'll soon (hopefully).


amandawhatshername said...

who is this valentine?

trresa said...

Hey Jecca, sounds like you're going to have a great week and weekends! Have tons of fun!! The camera, what about that reset button? Would that maybe help?

jess said...

hey mandi-
ha. my valentine was just derek :)
but he got me a beautiful red rose! what a catch... love you mandi!