Sunday, February 17, 2008

last night...

(...couldn't even get an answer...) <-- just kidding, it's a song...

ANYWAYS- last night was such a weird night... i went over to renae's apt. to say hi to matt notaro and long-hair jay and then matt's older, weirder brother was there too. i don't know what about it, but it was just extremely weird. It was good to see renae and matt and jay though.

THEN i went and met katie and steph and anna at barnes & noble, fun times. then renae and the crew showed up at barnes & noble causing a little tension between two recent ex's... awkward... a little. AND i felt like i was in the middle cuz i wanted to hang out with both groups but then it was weird going from one group to the other, i felt like i was talking with the enemy or something... it gets weirder.

THEN renae's crew left, and my crew went to chick-fil-a... it's approaching 10 o'clock now. I got a starbucks coffee on the way (which was amazing)... so we hang out at chick-fil-a until it closes, and then katie and i start heading back to PBU and steph takes anna to her car. WELL renae calls on my way back to PBU and asks me if i'm going to the movie with dan, jose, sean, pat and lil'kev... well dan had asked me earlier but i didn't think i was gonna make it because he told me it was at 10 something... well he was confused at it ended up being at 11 something. SO katie and i decide to go to renae's apt. and figure out what's going on... when i get there i decide that i would like to go to the movie and katie does not. fair enough.

SO it's 10:30 by now and renae and i are getting ready to go to the movie, which we get to at 11 and it starts at 11:10.... HOWEVER, the boys are not there... i call them and dan says they still have to pick up lil'kev... ok... so we wait. oh yea, and we also have seats in the very front of the theater cuz there are none left... wooppeee! SO the boys finally get there and dan sits in between me and renae and sean sits to my right and jose beside sean, lil'kev sits beside renae and pat doesn't show up... the movie was GREAT... HOWEVER there was a running commentary by dan throughout the whole thing that gave it an extra little spin.

SO the movie ends and we all get up and go outside... this whole time though, only dan is talking to renae and i ... no one else said a word to us BECAUSE jose is in a bad mood, sean has short term memory loss and lil'kev doesn't know us... great... this is just peachy fun... SO renae and i end up walking the boys to their car and then we say goodbye to dan and walk to ours... do any of you see what's wrong with this picture?! how rude... oh well, whatever....

SO my night ended about 15 minutes after curfew (1:15am) when i finally got back from all those 'ADVENTURES'.... i didn't go to bed, though, until about an hour later because i was fooling with my music on the computer... so... now... i don't know what time it is, but katie and i have already been up to the cafeteria for breakfast and now i'm gonna do some more homework before chris and laura come and pick us up for our adventures in CHINA TOWN!!! YEEEHAAAWWWWW!!!

don't be too jealous, <3 jess

p.s.- sorry this is the most random post ever... oops.

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Anita said...

You know what...guys are just weird. :)