Monday, February 11, 2008

My Obama Experience

I have to say that last night was extremely fun. I've never been to any sort of political rally, making last night an extra special event. We arrived at the VA Beach Convention Center only to see one thing: A line that wrapped down several blocks. I can say with much confidence that the line was a few miles long. I heard on the radio this morning that there were twelve thousand people there last night. It was crowded....

Kiel, Shavaris and myself were those who attended last night. After two hours of waiting, people several blocks in front of us began to run. I'm not talking just jogging, I'm talking running like they were being chased. Scaling flower beds, statues and other objects in their way, my first thought was that someone had been shot. That would be the only thing that would making them run so frantically. Then, our line began to move, first at a quick walking pace, then at a jog, then at a frantic run. Like retards, we run. Lo and behold, Obama had asked that the chairs be removed in the conference hall so that everyone could get out of the cold. Even though we were at standing room only, crammed in like sardines, I found it very nice that he cared enough to get us out from the adverse weather.

His speech was great. Health care/ Insurance for every American (which struck a large cord with me having been one of those people who didn't have health care for a period of time), increase in government salaries (ie teachers, police officers, etc.), trying to fix the recession we are in... etc. Amanda, he did quote what Hillary had said about going against the republicans. He said something that I thought was very rare for a politician to say: "This nation was founded on hope and faith. The HOPE of something great, and having faith that it would one day come to pass. It's time that we all cease thinking of each other as just 'republicans', 'democrats' and 'independents'. If we all work towards our hopes of improving this nation, then it doesn't matter what political affiliation we are. We need to hope for change, and have faith that all of us can work together to make that possible."
He just seemed very sincere, in a very non-phony way. I like him. :)

Only one bad thing: there were lots of babies and toddlers in there with STINKY diapers. I have never smelled stinkier doo doo than I smelled last night. Very random, I know. But it was stinky.

On a heavier note, Kiel's aunt passed away last week. His family is driving up tonight to Boston for the funeral which is tomorrow. Then, Mrs. Curran has to put her father in a nursing home on Wednesday. They'll drive back Wednesday in the early AM, and stop in Fredericksburg to put "Doc" as they call him in a home. :( Very sad. If y'all could just say a quick word of prayer if you get time for them. Safe return home and to help them get through those two hard things. It makes me wish I could get Doc an apartment at Harbor's Edge. Old people are just so cute and little. I just wanna love on them. I say that so much, I should make a bumper sticker! :)

Hope everyone is doing well!
<3 you all!

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